School Life at Macleans

Student Stories

Lidia galvani vezzi thumb

Lidia Galvani Vezzi from Italy

My name is Lidia Galvani Vezzi, Didi, I’m Italian and I have been in New Zealand for the past five months as an international student at Macleans College.
Augustin willems thumb

Augustin Willems from Belgium

Hi! My name is Augustin, I’m sixteen, I come from Belgium and I had the most incredible experience during my term as an international student at Macleans College.
Timothe lucas thumb

Timothé Lucas from France

My name is Timothé Lucas, I am from France and I spent my last six months in New Zealand at Macleans College.
Amanda turossi ferro thumb

Amanda Turossi Ferro from Brazil

Hi, I'm Amanda, I come from Brazil to spend two terms at Macleans College and I would like to share this amazing experience with you.
International Stories Francesco Baiguini

Francesco Baiguini from Italy

Kia ora koutou katoa, I’m Francesco Baiguini, an International Student from Italy.
International Stories Max Schaefer

Hello, this is Max Schaefer. I am from Germany

I have been at Macleans College as an international student for over two years now.
International Stories Juraiporn Sirirungtrakul

Hello, this is Juraiporn Sirirungtrakul. I am from Bangkok in Thailand.

I have been studying at Macleans College for nearly two years.
International Stories Minhanh Vo

Hello, I’m Minh Anh Vo. I come from Hanoi, Vietnam.

Three years in Macleans College is a beautiful memory and also gives me a great experience for my study as well as my life.
International Stories Lumin Zheng

My name is Lumin Zheng, I'm from China and I've been at Macleans College for almost two years.

As one of the International students, I have extremely enjoyed my school life at Macleans College.
International Stories Paolo Bima

My name is Paolo Bima. I left my home country, Italy, to spend two terms at Macleans College.

The main purpose of my journey in New Zealand was to learn English and, of course, to have a challenging experience.