Parent Information

Traffic Information

Zero Tolerance

Drivers who stop in the wrong place to drop off passengers put the safety of children at risk.

Illegal parking includes:

  • Parked on a broken yellow line
  • Parked across or within 1 metre of a vehicle entrance
  • Inconsiderate parking to other road users, including pedestrians
  • Double Parked
  • Parked on the footpath or grass verge/berm
  • Parked within a marked bus stop
  • Parked within 6 metres either side of an unmarked bus stop
  • Parked within 0.5 metres of a fire hydrant with no one in the car legally capable of moving it.
  • Parked within a designated bus lane, transit or cycle lane
  • Parked on a clearway
  • Parked on or within 6 metres of an intersection
  • Parked on a pedestrian crossing

We draw your attention to the following:

It is both illegal and impolite to park in or over other people’s driveways to drop off or pick up children. Vehicles must be parked 1 metre from any vehicle entrance.

Broken yellow lines mean NO STOPPING so dropping off or picking up passengers on these lines is illegal.

School drop off zones require quick turnaround. When using these – Stop, Drop and GO … to avoid waiting vehicles blocking the road. Children should be appropriately organised so as they can get straight out of the car so that other vehicles are not held up.

Children must not be let out of the car on to the road. This is dangerous behaviour and it is in fact an offence to carelessly open, leave open or close a car door. Children must be let out on to the footpath.

We continue to encourage parents to park well away from the school gate and allow their children to walk the last metres to school. Many schools have supervised crossings.

Use of Bus Turning Bay

This is restricted to buses only. For safety reasons we ask that parents do not drop off and pick up passengers using the bus bay.

Turning Right from Macleans Road into the Main Entrance

We request that vehicles travelling along Macleans Road toward Mobil Corner do not attempt to turn right into the main entrance.