Student Enrolments


A prospective student needs a clear idea of what procedures need to be completed in order to qualify for acceptance by Macleans College as a fee paying student.

The following is a checklist clarifying the essential actions:

  1. Application - Complete an application form and send to Macleans College. Please include one passport photo
  2. Passport - Please include 1 copy of the student's passport details
  3. Guardian's Passport - Please include 1 copy of the guardian's passport details
  4. Designated Caregiver - A guardian must be appointed and the statement must be signed by both parents
  5. Insurance - Health and Medical Insurance is compulsory for all International Students
  6. Accommodation - A letter guaranteeing accommodation for the student
  7. Home Stay Check - Macleans College Home Stay Manager will call to meet and inspect the home
  8. Medical Certificate - All students must be immunised and have this confirmed in writing by a New Zealand doctor once the student has arrived in New Zealand
  9. Performance Agreement - To be signed by guardian/parents/student

Application Forms

Fee Structure


  • Annual School Fee (new student) $19,500
    Annual School Fee (existing student) $19,000
  • Insurance $675
  • Application Fee (new) $1,000
    Administration Fee (current) $500 (for all students)
  • Textbook Loan Bond $300 (Refundable when sign-out)
  • Homestay Fee (Weekly @ $280) (budget for 47 weeks) $13,160
  • Homestay Monitoring / Homestay Change Fee $500
  • School Uniform + Shoes $800
  • Stationery $400