Parent Information

Voluntary School Donation

The school donation helps pay for shortfalls in government funding to enable us to provide the quality of education and opportunities expected by our community. It is used to pay for items such as computer technology, library books, the school magazine, sports and musical equipment, extra classroom support or any such purpose as may be approved by the Board of Trustees.

The suggested donation amount for 2024 is $650.

The Board will take good care that the money paid by parents will be properly administered and be used for the purposes approved by the Board under its statutory authority, as determined by the Education Act. If preferred, donations may be paid in instalments.

Receipts will be issued on payment of donations.

Did you know you can gift your tax rebate to Macleans College?

If claiming online via myIR:

  1. When you arrive on the last page of IRD process, there is an option to 'Credit Transfer'.
  2. The Macleans College IRD number: 30-340-205.

Via a printed IR526 form:

  1. Print out the IR526 form
  2. Complete your details on the form
  3. In the ‘Transferring your tax credit’ section, write Macleans College in the ‘Name of person receiving the tax credit’ box.
  4. In box 9, write the Macleans College IRD number: 30-340-205.
  5. In box 10, enter the amount you wish to transfer. You may choose to transfer your total credit to Macleans College, or just a portion.
  6. Sign and date the form and staple your receipts to the back.
  7. Send your completed form and receipts to the IRD.

Extra-Curricular Activity Fees

There is a huge variety of activities in sporting and cultural areas that students are encouraged to participate in. Most have costs such as team registration, equipment, uniforms etc which the school cannot fully meet from other funding sources and therefore 'user pays' prevails (just as there are no free memberships of sporting clubs for example).

Subject Fees

We do not charge subjects fees, however, in specialist subjects, particularly in the senior school, it is necessary to pay for some equipment or materials that the students use and keep.


Some subjects use workbooks in conjunction with textbooks.  Where textbooks remain the property of the school they are not charged for.  Workbooks incur a fee as they include work and study notes that are filled in and kept by the students.

Subject-Related Activities

Many subjects offer field trips and charges are made for transport, accommodation and entrance fees.  Most local trips and single day excursions are not charged for.  Overnight trips or those involving more travel will likely incur a charge.  In most cases students/parents may elect not to participate and alternative work will be provided at school but obviously participation is an enrichment experience that enhances learning.

We trust that the information above explains the critical importance of the fees and voluntary donation, and we look forward to your support so that we may continue to provide the best possible opportunities for your son and daughters.