Student Enrolments

Domestic Student Enrolments

For New Zealand citizens, residency visa, and student visa holders.

2025 Enrolments

Enrolments for 2025 are now open.

For further details, follow this link to read the Enrolment Information Booklet 2024/2025.

2024 Enrolments

  • Out-of-zone enrolments for 2024 are now closed.
  • In-zone enrolments remain open all year round.

For further details, follow this link to read the Enrolment Information Booklet 2024/2025.

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Changes to in-zone enrolments at Macleans College

From 1 June 2023, newly enrolled students are expected to reside in the school zone for the duration of their enrolment at Macleans College.

If at any time during the student’s enrolment at Macleans College there are concerns raised that the student’s pre-enrolment form falsely claimed:

  • That the student was living in the school home zone


  • That the student used a temporary, or unapproved, residence for the purpose of gaining enrolment at Macleans College

The Board will review the student’s enrolment in accordance with the enrolment provisions in The Education and Training Act 2020. Following Board review, confirmation that the enrolment was based on a false claim will result in the enrolment being annulled.

NOTE A: Any change of address must be advised to the school. If any change involves a move from in-zone to out-of-zone, you must undertake that prior to the move being undertaken, you will notify the Board. Where the Board believes there are reasonable grounds, enrolment will be reviewed. Each situation will be considered on its own merit.

NOTE B: A legacy clause, whereby the old rule of remaining living in-zone for a minimum of one year from the first day the student starts at the school, will still apply to all students who started at the school before June 1 2023

If you have any queries about enrolling at Macleans College or completing the online enrolment form, please contact the Enrolment Officer, Mrs Nuala Walsh at [email protected] or call 535 2620 extension 885.

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