School Expectations


All absences due to sickness or similar causes must be explained by a note, which must be handed to the form teacher on the first day of the student's return.

Follow this link to report a student absence.

Leave is automatically given to students going to a doctor or dentist, but they are required to sign the exeat book when the leave school and when they return. The doctor or dentist's appointment card is all the form teacher needs to see but parents may write a letter if they wish. Special rules from the Ministry of Education and school policy apply to absence (other than for sickness), especially in Year 11,12 and 13. 

In cases of expected prolonged sickness, it would be appreciated if parents rang the school office giving advice of an absence on the first day of illness and follow it with a note on the student's return. We would ask parents in cases of short term absence to report this by telephone on the absence line and follow up with a note. All letters and notes are to be written and signed by the parent or guardian.

If a student is required to bring prescription medication to school it should be lodged with the school nurse and will be made available as prescribed. Legislation requires that the medication is presented in its original packaging with the pharmacy label in place and preferably written in English to show the student’s name, the name of the medication, the dose, expiry date and reason for its use.

A sick or injured student must report to the Health centre. Only when a parent has been contacted and someone can collect and care for the student will they be released from the college. Please ensure that parent/caregiver contact details are kept up to date.