Batten House

Batten House is named after Jean Gardner Batten, a New Zealand aviator, celebrated for her record-breaking solo flights across the world.

Batten house hero

House Leader: Mrs Alesha Marnewick

Deputy House Leader: Mrs Colleen Guthrie

House Captains: Danielle Asiata and Noah Crowhurst

House charity: Auckland Rescue Helicopter Trust

House Motto: Per Aspera Ad Astra

Through hardships to the stars. This ascending statement follows the House ethos of perseverance, service and communal betterment, and sits in tandem with the aviation theme of the House and it's namesake, Jean Batten. 

Batten House Coat of Arms
Batten House Coat of Arms
Batten House Banner
Batten House Banner

The History and Philosophy of Batten House

In 1996 work on the new Whānau was stared and completed early in 1997 in time for 8 classes to move in.

At the start of 1997 the overriding consideration was to bring together all the different house loyalties into a single focused loyalty to the New House. To this aim staff and students were involved in choosing the new house colour, mascot and name. Each class put their roots down by planting a tree around the House. A time capsule was also planted in the ground containing memorabilia from the foundation pupils.

After much discussion, the House was named after Jean Gardner Batten. Her focus on achieving her goal to fly to New Zealand from England, no matter the set backs she encountered is a good one for young people. Her message to young people was “if you want to do something and you are quite sure in your own heart that it is the thing you want to do, go ahead. After her flight to New Zealand she said “I experienced once again the greatest and most lasting of joys, the joy of achievement”

In June 1998 the Hon. Maurice Williams officially opened the House.

When the house was first established, the senior students requested that one of the values that House should have, was that it was a caring house. Mrs. Figgins was the foundation Houseleader and helped to make the house the caring house it still is today. Ms Warner took over when Mrs. Figgins became the Deputy Principal and is now known as Mrs. Thompson. Miss Furlong took Batten over in 2005. Our current acting House Leader is Mrs Colleen Guthrie, while Mrs Marnewick is on maternity leave.

Jean Batten had a vision She was determined to fly from England to NZ. She obtained her pilots licence when she was 21 and 6 years later in 1936 she flew alone from England to New Zealand, setting a record that was not broken for 40 years.

Jean Batten persevered She did not give up when her flights ended in crashes. She tried and failed 3 times before she flew across the world.

Jean Batten took risks and was enterprising She participated in life and challenged herself to aim high and not accept second best.

Jean Batten was courageous She knew what she did was dangerous, but she was prepared to take the responsibility for her own actions. She flew only using a compass and a map.

She lived a life that was very different to most people at that time and many people identified with what she did and saw her life as an adventure. Admiration was expressed for her courage and her achievements even today are an inspiration to many people.