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Scholarship is an elite New Zealand qualification which could result in financial reward and recognition for doing well in a subject/s. The purpose of Scholarship exams is to challenge even the most competent students in each subject.


  • Year 12 or 13 students who excel in a certain subject/s have the opportunity to gain a Scholarship in one or more subjects.
  • The expectation is that students invited onto this Programme will be self motivated and committed to the Scholarship exams. Students are required to attend Scholarship tutorials and complete additional work.
  • Students must maintain a ‘B’ grade average during their tertiary study in order for them to receive one of the monetary awards over a three year period.
Scholarship 2023

Current Success

In 2023 Macleans College students gained 139 Scholarships in the New Zealand Qualifications Authority Scholarship Examination. Six students achieved three or more Scholarships.
Scholarship 2019

Past Success

Since 2005 Macleans College students have achieved exceptional results in the Scholarship examinations.
Scholarship 3

Financial Awards and other Benefits

There are many benefits for students involved in the Scholarship Programme at Macleans College.
Scholarship 4

NZQA Scholarship Rankings

New Zealand Qualification Authority Secondary Schools Scholarship Examination 2009 - 2017