Extension Studies

Extension Academic Programmes at Macleans College

Macleans College has a proud tradition of academic excellence. Many of our students are awarded scholarships and gain very high grades in the Cambridge International and NCEA pathways, with some gaining top in the World or in NZ in Cambridge International.

The courses of study in each subject are well established and developed to ensure the students will experience a rich, challenging, differentiated curriculum which will encourage critical, creative and analytical thinking. Students will experience both subject extension and enhancement.

Students involved in the extension programme will be supported to achieve their true potential academically, socially and emotionally. Macleans College acknowledges and is aware of particular social and emotional characteristics of gifted and talented students, and will promote their holistic wellbeing. Students in the extension class are expected to compete in subject competitions.

What happens in the extension class?

Students in our extension class are taught together as a form class in Year 9 and 10 for Mathematics, English, Science and Social Sciences.

In Year 11 they may have the option of sitting AS or NCEA Level 2 Examination subjects in Mathematics and/or 1 Science.

In Year 12 students then have the opportunity to sit A2 or Level 3 Examinations and Scholarship examinations.

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Extension in Mathematics

Any student in Year 9 can be extended in Mathematics. Early in term 1 students will be placed in a Core maths class, once they have been tested they may be invited to move into an extension class where they will be learning at the Year 10 level. Students placed in the extension class will also be covering Year 10 material. This will give them the potential to sit AS or NCEA level 2 Mathematics in Year 11, if they are ready. All students are placed in the class based on academic ability.

Extension in English

Students in the Extension class will follow the same general course of study as other Year 9 English classes but will be challenged and extended by their teacher in terms of the academic and literary content they cover. This includes the selection and study of more advanced literary texts.

Extension in Science

The Extension class will follow the same course of study as the mainstream Science classes but will go into more depth and breadth in the taught topics.

Students who are extended in Science may have the opportunity to study 1 AS Science in Year 11.

Extension in Social Sciences

The Extension class will follow the same course of study as the mainstream Social Studies classes but will go into more depth and breadth in the taught topics and will be tested by more challenging assessments and examinations.

Selection process

In Year 8 there is an option to be tested to gain a place in this class. The test is in 3 parts, Mathematics, English and Reasoning. A potential student must score well in all 3 areas to be considered for the extension class.