Student Life

Students are assigned to one of eight Houses or “Whānau”, each containing about 310 students and functioning as a small “school within a school”.

Each whānau house comprises a large building with a variety of teaching spaces and a commons area which acts as a social space. The whānau is an extended family of students which operates as a mini school within the larger school. On arrival at Macleans College a student is placed in a form class. That form class is assigned to one of the whānau houses. The students remain in that form class and, therefore, in that house for the duration of their time at the college.

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'Macleans College is built upon a solid foundation of a set of core values which are instilled in students right from year 9 through the whānau house system. It is these values that help to develop high character quality which will go with us beyond our time at Macleans.'

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Stimulating learning environment

The aim of the Macleans College curriculum is to provide a quality education through the provision of a stimulating learning environment and inclusion of well researched learning opportunities.
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We believe in the importance of extra-curricular activity

Extra-curricular activities encourage recognition for excellence, loyalty and commitment, self confidence and comradeship, and builds self esteem.
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The Whānau House System

The whānau house offers an extended family of students and staff, values, social interactions, leadership opportunities, group loyalties and mutual support.

Whānau Houses

The whānau house is an ideal framework for providing an effective environment for learning and growth.

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