Minh Anh Vo from Vietnam

Three years in Macleans College is a beautiful memory and also gives me a great experience for my study as well as my life.

I studied the Cambridge International Examinations at Macleans College. The teachers helped me a lot when I struggled with my subjects when I first came here. They are helpful, friendly and careful for students. Before I came here, I thought people here may not like Asian people but I was wrong. All of my friends are very nice. Macleans College also has so many activities during the year such as the cross country, or athletics day. I’m going to go to Auckland University next year to study for a Bachelor of Commerce. Once more time, I just want to say I love Macleans College so much.

Hi, I’m My Huyen Tran Luu (Vicky) I’m 19 years old and I come from Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam.

Two years at Macleans College is a good memory. Here, I have experienced a different style of study which is more active and independent. I have also learnt a lot about life and specially how to do things independently. I really enjoy studying at Macleans College.


The teachers here are very nice. You can ask them whatever you want and they are always willing to answer you. I found that students here are very friendly although they are from different countries. It’s very interesting to make friends with people from different nationalities because we can understand and learn more about their cultures.

Besides studying, there are many extra-curricular activities that you can join at school such as the intercultural club, soccer or tennis. It is fun and it helps you gain more confidence. I’m in the intercultural choir which is a singing group. We sing English songs as well as songs from different countries.

One more thing that makes me really enjoy Macleans College is the atmosphere. The school is next to a beach and it has a very nice view so I can always breathe in the fresh air and watch the beautiful scene of the beach. I’m going to leave school at the end of this year to study Bachelor of Nursing at MIT in Auckland. I just want to say I will miss Macleans College and my friends very much!