School Life at Macleans

Macleans College is set in a “garden suburb” environment overlooking the blue waters and islands of the Hauraki Gulf, a lovely setting.

International School Life

The school is situated approximately 40 minutes from the centre of Auckland City, and 40 minutes from Auckland International Airport.

The school is composed of a number of modern buildings in an attractive, well maintained garden setting.

Students are assigned to one of eight Houses or “Whānau”, each containing about 310 students and functioning as a small “school within a school”. The Whānau Houses provide a more personal and caring environment than organisation as a single large school could provide.

These self contained buildings provide a unique environment within New Zealand schools. This type of arrangement has considerable influence on the successful development of individual student personality.

School Facilities


  • Library
  • Science laboratory
  • Woodwork and metalwork workshops
  • Cooking equipment
  • Music


  • Gymnasium
  • Sports fields
  • Artificial turf

Food and Drink

  • A small kitchen in each whānau house is where you can heat or prepare your own lunch.
  • The school has a tuckshop where you can purchase food.


  • The Health Centre is staffed by 2 qualified nurses.
  • Go to the Health Centre if you are feeling unwell or have an accident at school.
  • The School nurse will inform the International Department and contact your parent or homestay should you need to be taken home.
  • Do not contact your parent or homestay without going to the health centre.
  • Ms Khor will look after your medical insurance questions.


Guidance and Careers counsellors are available at Macleans College.

You can talk to us about anything.

  • I want to talk to someone about life in New Zealand
  • I want to join a extra-curricular activity and don’t know how
  • How can I make friends, I am feeling lonely
  • I am feeling under pressure and need help with my studies
  • I miss my home and my family
  • I am sad and want to cry all the time
  • I don’t understand my teachers
  • I want to change subjects
  • I want to make friends with New Zealand students

School Uniform

We are proud of our school uniform and you are expected to wear it correctly at all times. When you are in school uniform, school rules apply.

Correct official uniform is required for:

  • Attendance at school
  • Travelling to and from school
  • Attendance at school functions away from school (sports tours, cultural and social visits)

All items of the uniform should be clearly labelled with your name and house.

Find out more about the Macleans College uniform.


At Macleans College you are expected to behave well and show courtesy and consideration for others. We have a Code of Conduct which should guide your behaviour. You will be asked to accept this on enrolment.

Extra-Curricular Activities

At Macleans College you will be able to choose to participate in a wide range of sporting, cultural or service activities.

Students who become involved in different activities make many friends from other countries, as well as Kiwi friends.


If you have problems with:

  • school friends
  • a teacher
  • your homestay or accommodation
  • your community

Come and see anyone in the International Department.