Living in Auckland


Living with a homestay means sharing the home of a local Kiwi family.

001 international students homestay

You will become part of the family, sharing meals together, talking about your day and helping with some house work. You will have your own room and meals provided for you.

The following is considered normal in a typical New Zealand home.

  • All students are made to feel safe and secure.
  • Help in the house is expected. This may involve
    • clearing away dishes after a meal
    • stacking the dishwasher
    • keeping the bathroom tidy 
    • keeping your room tidy.
  • You will be provided the same meals as the family. 
  • You may be expected to walk to school or ride on a bus.  Many students from Macleans travel to school this way.  
  • The Internet is for homework or contacting parents back home. Talk with your homestay family if you would like to use it for anything else.  

In other words, students from overseas will become part of the family and take part in normal day-to-day involvement in the house.

Overseas students will be made to feel welcome and part of the New Zealand way of life.

Information for Students

Information for Homestay Families