Year 11 Curriculum MCert

MCert stands for Macleans Certificate. It is the Macleans College Year 11 Programme.

MCert is a content rich programme that will prepare students for moving to either NCEA Level 2 or CAIE AS Level in Year 12.

Each student in Year 11 will study one Mathematics course, one English course and at least one Science + three other subjects.

Year 11 Courses from 2020 Onwards

From 2020 onwards we will teach and assess Year 11 courses written and produced at Macleans College. We will not offer our Year 11 students NCEA Level 1 or IGCSE beyond 2019. The school remains committed to offering NCEA and Cambridge Assessment International Education in Years 12 and 13.

The main advantage of delivering a Macleans College Course at Year 11 is the increased teaching time made available by removing the internal assessment from NCEA Level 1 and the external assessment from IGCSE. Removing these assessments will provide us with at least four more weeks of teaching time to prepare students for Year 12 studies.

More information about the reasons for the change, and other details, are available on this link: Year 11 Course Questions and Answers (pdf)

2020年开始的11年级课程 (Year 11)

从 2020 年起或 2019 年以后,校方将以麦克林高中编写和制作的 Year 11 课程来教学和评

估, 将不为 Year 11 学生提供 NCEA Level 1 或 IGCSE 评估考试。学校将致力于推行 Year

12 与 13 的 NCEA 和 CIE 课程。

通过取消 NCEA Level 1 的内部评估和 IGCSE 的校外评估检定,校方将推行麦克林自制的

Year 11 高中课程。 其主要的优势是借此改变以增加教学时间。 删除这些评估检定,校方

将取得额外四周的教学时间,因此将能为 Year 12 的学生做更好的学习准备。


常见提问与解答 (pdf)