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Physical Address:
2 Macleans Road
Bucklands Beach
Auckland 2014
New Zealand

Postal Address:
Private Bag 94 201
Auckland 2145
New Zealand

Telephone: +64 9 535 2620
Fax: +64 9 535 2621
Email: [email protected]

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Office Hours: 8.00 am - 3.45 pm

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Staff Directory

For academic matters please contact the subject teacher or Faculty Head, for pastoral matters please contact the form teacher or House Leader.

Position Name Email Ext
Principal Mr Steven Hargreaves Email[email protected] 835

Mr Steven Hargreaves


Email Phone

Deputy Principal Mrs Madeline Thompson Email[email protected] 802

Mrs Madeline Thompson

Deputy Principal

Email Phone

Deputy Principal Mr Andrew Mackenzie Email[email protected] 850

Mr Andrew Mackenzie

Deputy Principal

Email Phone

Deputy Principal Mr Phil Goodyer Email[email protected] 826

Mr Phil Goodyer

Deputy Principal

Email Phone

Deputy Principal Mr Murray McGuire-Barnes Email[email protected] 692

Mr Murray McGuire-Barnes

Deputy Principal

Email Phone

Deputy Principal Mrs Tina Mair Email[email protected] 874

Mrs Tina Mair

Deputy Principal

Email Phone

Deputy Principal Ms Bessie Tuialii Email[email protected] 837

Ms Bessie Tuialii

Deputy Principal

Email Phone

Parents wishing to contact the school about their children should in the first instance contact the House Leader.

Position Name Email Ext
Batten House Mrs Alesha Marnewick Email[email protected] 836

Mrs Alesha Marnewick

Batten House

Email Phone

Hillary House Ms Chui Hon Email[email protected] 834

Ms Chui Hon

Hillary House

Email Phone

Kupe House Mr Aaron Farr Email[email protected] 841

Mr Aaron Farr

Kupe House

Email Phone

Mansfield House Mr Todd Davidson Email[email protected] 871

Mr Todd Davidson

Mansfield House

Email Phone

Rutherford House Mr Bevan Packer Email[email protected] 842

Mr Bevan Packer

Rutherford House

Email Phone

Snell House Mrs Deborah Bass Email[email protected] 878

Mrs Deborah Bass

Snell House

Email Phone

Te Kanawa House Mr Paul Percival Email[email protected] 832

Mr Paul Percival

Te Kanawa House

Email Phone

Upham House Mr Jaco van Heerden Email[email protected] 697

Mr Jaco van Heerden

Upham House

Email Phone

Specific concerns in subject areas should be directed to the Heads of Faculty.

Position Name Email Ext
Commerce Mr Stephen Askin Email[email protected] 751

Mr Stephen Askin


Email Phone

Creative Arts, Design and Industry Mrs Rosemary Winn Email[email protected] 807

Mrs Rosemary Winn

Creative Arts, Design and Industry

Email Phone

English Mr Richard Irving Email[email protected] 803

Mr Richard Irving


Email Phone

ESOL and Languages Mrs Stephanie Layec Email[email protected] N/A

Mrs Stephanie Layec

ESOL and Languages

Email Phone

Mathematics Mr Steve Buckley Email[email protected] 805

Mr Steve Buckley


Email Phone

Performing Arts Dr Steve Miles Email[email protected] 828

Dr Steve Miles

Performing Arts

Email Phone

Physical Education Mr Andre Venter Email[email protected] 881

Mr Andre Venter

Physical Education

Email Phone

Science Dr Ian Thomas Email[email protected] 689

Dr Ian Thomas


Email Phone

Social Sciences Mr Nick Hamilton Email[email protected] 733

Mr Nick Hamilton

Social Sciences

Email Phone

Position Name Email Ext
Accounting Mrs Colleen Guthrie Email[email protected] 737

Mrs Colleen Guthrie


Email Phone

Art Ms Kirstin Ledington Email[email protected] 831

Ms Kirstin Ledington


Email Phone

Biology Mrs Susan Humphreys Email[email protected] 735

Mrs Susan Humphreys


Email Phone

Business Studies Mr Stephen Askin Email[email protected] 751

Mr Stephen Askin

Business Studies

Email Phone

Careers Ms Lu Matthews-Ward Email[email protected] 825

Ms Lu Matthews-Ward


Email Phone

Chemistry Mrs Jana Errington EmailJana.Errington 459

Mrs Jana Errington


Email Phone

Classical Studies TIC Mrs Ngaire Boyes Email[email protected] 736

Mrs Ngaire Boyes

Classical Studies TIC

Email Phone

Computer Science and Digital Technologies Mrs Rinkoo Bharani Email[email protected] N/A

Mrs Rinkoo Bharani

Computer Science and Digital Technologies

Email Phone

Director of eLearning Mr Stanley Chang Email[email protected] 716

Mr Stanley Chang

Director of eLearning

Email Phone

eLearning Assistant Mr Sean Tsung Email[email protected] 790

Mr Sean Tsung

eLearning Assistant

Email Phone

Dance and Drama Miss Amanda Burnett Email[email protected] 793

Miss Amanda Burnett

Dance and Drama

Email Phone

Economics Ms Michelle Monsen Email[email protected] 731

Ms Michelle Monsen


Email Phone

Geography Mrs Rebecca Jackson Email[email protected] 815

Mrs Rebecca Jackson


Email Phone

Guidance Ms Rose Radford-Neal Email[email protected] TBC

Ms Rose Radford-Neal


Email Phone

Health Miss Toni Rinckes Email[email protected] 436

Miss Toni Rinckes


Email Phone

History Mrs Ashleigh Heeney Email[email protected] 778

Mrs Ashleigh Heeney


Email Phone

Languages Mrs Anita Anderson Email[email protected] 714

Mrs Anita Anderson


Email Phone

Learning Support Mrs Lucretia Bell Email[email protected] N/A

Mrs Lucretia Bell

Learning Support

Email Phone

Media Studies Mr Jerome Cargill Email[email protected] 418

Mr Jerome Cargill

Media Studies

Email Phone

Music Curriculum Mrs Sarah McNabb Email[email protected] 744

Mrs Sarah McNabb

Music Curriculum

Email Phone

Physics Dr Ian Grose Email[email protected] 454

Dr Ian Grose


Email Phone

Sports Director Mr Dean Sibson Email[email protected] 880

Mr Dean Sibson

Sports Director

Email Phone

Teaching & Learning Mr Alastair Campbell Email[email protected] 849

Mr Alastair Campbell

Teaching & Learning

Email Phone

Travel and Tourism Mrs Julie McDougall Email[email protected] 403

Mrs Julie McDougall

Travel and Tourism

Email Phone