Recommended Devices

We recommend that students bring a laptop - see Recommended Devices List below.



  • Windows OS, SSD, minimum 4GB RAM, with touch screen and tablet mode*, 12” or larger
  • Windows OS, SSD, minimum 4GB RAM, 12” or larger
  • Macbook (Mac OS), 12” or larger

* Tablet Mode means detachable or convertible keyboard (flips right around)

Economy Device:

  • Chromebook , 4GB RAM, 12” or larger

Art/Technology/Digital Media (these courses have higher minimum requirements):

  • Windows/Mac OS, minimum 240GB SSD, minimum 8GB RAM, Intel i5 or AMD equivalent CPU, 12” or

Additional Comments:

We recommend to discuss your purchase with the chosen provider, who will help in considering cost, efficiency and robustness, i.e. consider specifications as well as cost when purchasing.