BYOD Information for Parents and Students

Macleans College BYOD Vision Statement: BYOD (1:1 devices) will enhance independent learning, collaboration and creative thinking in our students.

  • Classrooms reflect the academic and work environment of students’ futures.
  • Students access, contribute to and collaborate on enriched learning resources in the classroom.
  • There is a seamless environment between home and school.


  • All students, Years 9 - 13, will be expected to bring a personal IT device to school every day - follow this link for information regarding device recommendations.
  • A suitable device is a laptop or chromebook. Model/brand is the student’s/parent’s choice - follow this link for information regarding device recommendations.
  • Responsibilities regarding connection of the device, security, insurance, damage or repairs are covered by Responsible Use Policy. Follow this link for BYOD information and Responsible Use Policy.
  • The device must be brought to school each day fully charged and is expected to have a minimum charge life of 6 hours.
  • Devices can be used outside of class time in supervised areas as stated in the Responsible Use Policy.
  • Parents are free to make their own choice regarding purchase, insurance and maintenance of the device. For those families who would like help with this, the College has secured the assistance of commercial providers who will make information regarding choice and options for purchase, insurance and maintenance available to parents. This advice will remain independent of Macleans College.
  • BYOD information, including recommended devices and commercial provider services, is available via the ‘BYOD’ link on the Macleans Website under ‘Students’.