Financial Awards and Other Benefits

Single Subject Award
  • For the top 3% of NZ students who obtain Scholarship in up to two subjects
  • A ‘one-off’ award of $500 per subject
Top Subject Scholar Award
  • For students who are top in a subject
  • $2,000 per year for 3 years at university
Three Scholarships Award
  • For candidates who obtain 3 or more Scholarship subjects
  • $2,000 each year for 3 years at university
Outstanding Scholar Award
  • For the top 40-60 candidates who obtain 3 Scholarship subjects with at least 2 at ‘Outstanding’ level or more than 3 Scholarships with at least 1 at ‘Outstanding’
  • $5,000 each year at university
Premier Scholar Award
  • For the very top 5 to 10 candidates in NZ who get at least 4 Scholarships at ‘Outstanding’ level
  • $10,000 each year for 3 years at university as long as candidates maintain at least a ‘B’ average in tertiary studies. (This applies to all awards)

Are there any other benefits?


There are many other benefits for students involved in the Scholarship Programme at Macleans College:

  • The highly prestigious school Dux is calculated ONLY from Scholarship results
  • A Scholarship award will be recorded on students Testimonial for Universities and Employers to see
  • Success in the Scholarship Programme eases or even eradicates worry over student debt at university
  • Students VIP reputation as a Macleans Scholarship student also entitles them to other rewards depending on the number of Scholarship subjects they decide to take on. For example: car pass, computer pass, privileged and unlimited access to the Scholarship study rooms, free lunches, study days off . . .
  • A tailor-made teaching programme (unique to Macleans) will be provided to support students’ needs so they have a real chance of winning one of the five financial rewards