To study at overseas universities

Posted on June 30, 2020

Five former Macleans College students have been accepted by various tertiary institutions in the USA.

Isabel Li (Upham House 2015 - 2019): University of California, Berkeley.

Zachary Yan (Upham House 2015 - 2019): University of California, Berkeley.

Richard Jiang (Upham House 2015 - 2019): University of California, Los Angeles.

Anjie Wang (Kupe House 2015 - 2019): University of Pennsylvania.

Zi Lin Wang (Rutherford House 2015 - 2019) has been waitlisted for the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). The waitlist results have been delayed due to Covid-19.  Zi Lin may still be accepted later.  In the meantime, he has been accepted into and studying the Double Degree Medicine Programme at the University of Sydney.  This programme is limited to 30 domestic places (Australia and New Zealand) and 10 international places of which five spots have been secured by Macleans College students. A minimum of 4 A* at A Level in the Cambridge Assessment International Education pathway was required to be considered.