Selected to Represent New Zealand at the International Economics Olympiad

Posted on August 10, 2018

Yang Fan Yun (Snell House) has recently been selected to represent New Zealand at the Inaugural International Economics Olympiad in Moscow, Russia next month, as one of the top five economics students in the nation.

The International Economics Olympiad is an annual economics competition that aims to bring together the best young minds around the world.  There is an element of teamwork that makes this competition unique among the Olympiads and seeks to reflect the interpersonal nature of the subject of Economics.

This year, the competition will be chaired by Professor Eric Maskin of Harvard University, who was the 2007 laureate of the Nobel Prize in Economics. The competition will be held at the Higher School of Economics in Moscow, Russia.

Yang Fan's selection follows and is a consequence of a strong record of achievement in Commerce, as well as conscientious guidance and mentoring from Mrs Shakthi Ladkoo and Macleans College alumnus Zachary Wong.

He will be joined by students from high schools across the country, including Auckland, Hamilton, and Taupō