Second place for Bollywood Dance Group at Polyfest

Posted on April 04, 2022

The Macleans College Bollywood Dance Group performed at Polyfest on Thursday 24 March.

The theme for this year was Whanau and the music and choreography needed to portray this. The group was very well lead by Rishita Rasela (Kupe House), Margi Kaushik (Upham) and Risha Sapaliga (Hillary). They managed to choose the music, choreograph five separate traditional Indian dances within the performance, teach the group in a very short time frame and prepare the dance costumes.

It is with much pride that the group gained second place in their category and the leaders also earned a perfect score in their introductory speech.

Polyfest is one of the few opportunities for the students to showcase their culture through performance. It enables them to stay connected and share their experiences as a group.

The group members are as follows:

Lara Clarke (Hillary), Amelie Gaxiola Nunez (Kupe), Nimar Kaur (Batten), Margi Kaushik (leader), Vandita Kumar (Upham), Binuri Marasinghe (Batten), Rishita Rasela (leader), Adya Roop (Kupe), Risha Sapaliga (leader), Deeksha Suresh (Mansfield) and Plaksha Ummat (Upham).