Outstanding Musical Achievement

Posted on August 19, 2020

Recently Year 11 student Lorna Zhang (Mansfield House) performed with two other students in their group Trio Achilles at the Michael Fowler Centre in Wellington at the finals weekend of the NZCT chamber contest.

The competition was live-streamed on Radio New Zealand and professionally recorded.

Twelve groups amongst the country were chosen to perform in the semi-finals, then six groups were selected to perform in the final stage of the competition.

After countless months of rehearsing and practising together, Trio Achilles made up of Lorna Zhang (Macleans College) violin, Damon Herlihy-O'Brien (Glendowie College) cello, and Shuan Liu (Pinehurst School) piano, was chosen to compete in the national finals of the competition.

Ultimately, Trio Achilles claimed the Runner Up, Helen Young Diamond Award, for their performance of Piano Trio No.1 in C minor, Op. 8 by Dmitri Shostakovich. This inaugural award consists of a cash prize of $2500 for the recipient group.

Lorna Zhang with Trio Achilles.