Macleans College students compete at North Island Ethics Olympiad

Posted on June 04, 2024

On Wednesday 22 May two teams of Macleans College students represented the school at the North Island Ethics Olympiad.

In this event, students from different schools met online to discuss a variety of hypothetical and contemporary ethical cases.

This year the students engaged in ethical discussions about issues such as affirmative action, moral considerations for the use of AI and animal rights. Rather than debating, the students were encouraged to build on each other’s arguments to create a more comprehensive position.

The Macleans College students showed great analytical and oratory skills and were commended by the judges for their ability to isolate counter arguments and respond to their opponents’ positions.

The Macleans College team comprised of: Olivia Pokorny (Te Kanawa House), Annabelle Lee (Snell), Finn Wai-Poi (Rutherford), Dalton Ma (Rutherford), Milan Chen (Upham), Julya Yang (Kupe), Areeba Zabrina (Hillary), Gordon Lo (Kupe), Katherine Wang (Hillary) and Haran Thirumeni (Rutherford).