Extra-Curricular Prizegiving 2021

Posted on November 25, 2021

With a physical Extra-Curricular Prizegiving not able to go ahead this year, students should collect their certificates and cups from the school gym on Monday 29 November between 11 am – 1 pm.

The school photographer will also be present to take photos of the students with their certificates and cups.


Level 3

  • Most Successful Individual: Emma Zhou
  • Most Dedicated Individual: Mary Zhang
  • Most Improved Individual: Caelyn Pak
  • Sportsmanship Award: Ally Formstone

Level 4

  • Most Successful Individual: Regina Sutjahjo
  • Most Dedicated Individual: Emily Ready
  • Most Improved Individual: Mila Pollyn
  • Sportsmanship Award: Olivia Lin

Level 5

  • Most Successful Individual: Gina Kim
  • Most Dedicated Individual: Annabelle Harrison
  • Most Improved Individual: Abby Snooks
  • Sportsmanship Award: Mandy Zang

For Services as Coach to the Aerobics Team

  • Sophia Lim
  • Michaela Rimmer
  • Bianca Lim
  • Maggie Corbett
  • Abbey Bolton
  • Jasmine Jones



Premier Boys Basketball

  • Captain: Benjosh Ananth
  • Best Team Player: Benjosh Ananth
  • Most Valuable Player: Ollie Simpson
  • Most Improved Player: Christian Mutti

U-17 A Basketball

  • Captain: Cameron Burns
  • Best Team Player: Elisha Tadamalla
  • Most Valuable Player: Ivan Xu
  • Most Improved Player: Dale Babaran

U-17 B Basketball

  • Captain: Wilson Wu and Aryan Singh
  • Best Team Player: Brad Turrall
  • Most Valuable Player: Wilson Wu
  • Most Improved Player: Ben Hargreaves

Junior A Boys Basketball

  • Captain: Japman Sodhi
  • Best Team Player: Declan Puffy
  • Most Valuable Player: Jaden Chandler
  • Most Improved Player: Hank He

Junior B Boys Basketball

  • Captain: Kruz Tonkin
  • Best Team Player: Calvin Wang
  • Most Valuable Player: Asher Langley
  • Most Improved Player: James Dimock

Premier Girls Basketball

  • Captain: Vera Erugen
  • Best Team Player: Alessandra Illustrisimo
  • Most Valuable Player: Valerie Lau
  • Most Improved Player: Ata Palu

U-17 Girls Basketball

  • Captain: Sophia Urlich
  • Best Team Player: Sue Li
  • Most Valuable Player: Sophia Urlich
  • Most Improved Player: Nyrita Smyth

U-17B Girls Basketball

  • Captain: Jocelyn Ironside
  • Best Team Player: Lily Kim
  • Most Valuable Player: Melinda Shao
  • Most Improved Player: Alana McEvoy


Cross Country



Second in New Zealand, 1x silver medal:

  • Rajveer Oberoi

    Macleans Valorant Prem 2

    Second in New Zealand, silver medals:

    • Henry Gao (C)
    • Richie Zhang
    • Kim Wang
    • Jack Stranaghan

      Macleans League of Legends Prem 1

      First in Auckland, second in New Zealand.

      • 1x silver, 1x gold medal: Milton Wu (C)
      • 1x silver, 1x gold medal: Eric Lu
      • 1x silver, 1x gold medal: Calvin Mak
      • 1x silver, 1x gold medal: Stephen Fang
      • 1x silver medal: Benjamin Qian
      • 1x gold medal: Thisuka Matara Arachchige


      Mens Foil

      • Sportsmanship: Marcus Ambler

      Mens Sabre

      • Sportsmanship: Davin Chan

      Womens Sabre

      • Sportsmanship: Chloe Lee

      Service to the Club

      • Andrew Yao

      Boys Football

      1st XI

      • Captain: Ryan Mayer and Zach Beehre
      • Best Team Player: Jordyn Vallet
      • Most Valuable Player: Zach Beehre
      • Most Improved Player: Connor Browne
      • Player's Player of the Year: Ryan Mayer

      2nd XI

      • Captain: Levi De Jong
      • Best Team Player: Levi De Jong
      • Most Valuable Player: Bryan Chen
      • Most Improved Player: Earl Thumbadoo

      3rd XI Red

      • Captain: Theo Smith
      • Best Team Player: Henry Matthews
      • Most Valuable Player: Theo Smith
      • Most Improved Player: Rishi Singh

        3rd XI Blue

        • Best Team Player: Jerry Guan
        • Most Valuable Player: Dylan Koshy
        • Most Improved Player: Eric Deng


        • Captain: Ziraak Wadia
        • Best Team Player: Ziraak Wadia
        • Most Valuable Player: Devon Sutherland
        • Most Improved Player: Cullen Milne


        • Captain: Tobie Rose
        • Best Team Player: Cooper Snell
        • Most Valuable Player: Oliver Barlow
        • Most Improved Player: Jason Dong


        • Captain: Kyle Hughes
        • Best Team Player: Oliver Tucker
        • Most Valuable Player: Suli Aziz
        • Most Improved Player: Junior Africa


        • Captain: Nathan Strachan
        • Best Team Player: Oscar Stewart
        • Most Valuable Player: Frank Lu
        • Most Improved Player: Josh Bain


        • Best Team Player: Joshua Fordyce
        • Most Valuable Player: Hugo van der Maas
        • Most Improved Player: Tristen Rodrigo

        Girls Football

        1st XI Girls

        • Captain: Holly Griffin and Kate Berry
        • Best Team Player: Sam Keane
        • Most Valuable Player: Amelia Collins
        • Most Improved Player: Brooke Martin

        2nd XI Girls

        • Captain: Sarah Konigkramer
        • Best Team Player: Maddison Sangster
        • Most Valuable Player: Livleen Kaur
        • Most Improved Player: Briana Bruce

        Junior Girls

        • Best Team Player: Adelina Jones
        • Most Valuable Player: Kendal Penney
        • Most Improved Player: Sara Rekdal

        Boys Hockey

        1st XI Boys

        • Captain: Josh Marryatt
        • Most Valuable Player: Josh Marryatt
        • Best Team Player: Kade Bramwell
        • Most Improved Player: Ishaan Silva and Finn Wilson

        2nd XI Boys

        • Captain: James Bird
        • Most Valuable Player: Derwin Sanjay
        • Best Team Player: William Sutherland
        • Most Improved Player: Nicholas Drummond

        U15 Boys

        • Captain: Jaxon Lewis
        • Most Valuable Player: Jaxon Lewis and Sam Bray
        • Best Team Player: Marlo Meyburgh
        • Most Improved Player: Jude Hirschi

        Girls Hockey

        1st XI Girls

        • Captain: Breanne Attwood
        • Most Valuable Player: Leah Dawson
        • Best Team Player: Zanel Herrewyn
        • Most Improved Player: Shellby Rousseau

        2nd XI Girls

        • Captain: Jessica Gunn, Anna Simpson and Lyla Van Rooy
        • Most Valuable Player: Grace Wilkinson
        • Best Team Player: Arabella Van Der Maas
        • Most Improved Player: Dakota Burns

        3rd XI Girls

        • Captain: Paige Wiener
        • Most Valuable Player: Josephine Lagoudis
        • Best Team Player: Gina Kim
        • Most Improved Player: Sammie Gamsby

        U15 Girls

        • Captain: Jessica Baverstock
        • Most Valuable Player: Vanya Silva Correa De Melo
        • Best Team Player: Shagun Gupta
        • Most Improved Player: Jessica Hewetson


        For Services as Coach to the GymSports Squad

        • Samadiana Fariz
        • Regan Langford
        • Sergey Antonets
        • Sophie Hansen
        • Lucy Packer
        • Tamika Te Young
        • Amelia Windle
        • Mandy Zang



        • Captain: Gemma Richards
        • Most Valuable Player: Gemma Richards
        • Most Improved Player: Hana Rose
        • Sportsmanship: Emmeline Reynolds

        Premier 2

        • Captain: Grace Pickering and Molly Rainsford
        • Most Valuable Player: Mia Young
        • Most Improved Player: Laska Knipe
        • Sportsmanship: Mahi Desai

        Senior A

        • Captain: Emma Munro-Hurst
        • Most Valuable Player: Jessica Holmes
        • Most Improved Player: Gabi Austin
        • Sportsmanship: Nadine Du Preez

        Senior B

        • Captain: Jessica Holmes
        • Most Valuable Player: Danielle Marais
        • Most Improved Player: Caroline Chang
        • Sportsmanship: Tajnoor Wander


        • Captain: Freya Sawant and Carmen de Villiers
        • Most Valuable Player: Carmen de Villiers and Freya Sawant
        • Most Improved Player: Alex McKenzie
        • Sportsmanship: Sumari Lourens


        • Captain: Grace Pleydell
        • Most Valuable Player: Mansukh Kaur
        • Sportsmanship: Grace Pleydell


        • Captain: Alyssa Roding
        • Most Valuable Player: Olivia Lattimore
        • Most Improved Player: Jude Al Shaer
        • Sportsmanship: Alyssa Roding


        • Captain: Greer Gilhooly
        • Most Valuable Player: Greer Gilhooly
        • Most Improved Player: Samantha Young
        • Sportsmanship: Maia Rikys


        • Captain: Stella Fenwick
        • Most Valuable Player: Emily Russell
        • Most Improved Player: Shreeya Chandra
        • Sportsmanship: Rhianna Burt


        • Captain: Lily-Ann Sanileva and Caitlyn Austin
        • Most Valuable Player: Sophie Hazel
        • Most Improved Player: Sabine Spiller
        • Sportsmanship: Lily-Ann Sanileva

        Umpiring Certificates

        • Mahi Desai
        • Guntaas Oberoi
        • Lilu Shang
        • Samantha Ou-Yang
        • Ernestine De Bruin
        • Jassica Minhas
        • Alex McKenzie


        Maadi Cup team

        • Hunter Brown
        • Morgan Burt
        • Sammie Chamberlain
        • Isabella Chen
        • Amelia Collins
        • James Dimock
        • Sarah Dunn
        • Elliott Fox
        • Ryan Gass
        • Emma High
        • Laska Knipe
        • Angelina Kung
        • Andre Layawen
        • Gareth Lewis
        • Tianzexi Liu
        • Tayla Malcolmson
        • Emily Marchl
        • Henry Matthews
        • Bowen McBride
        • Laura McCabe
        • Hadleigh Musson
        • Harrison Reeve
        • Daniel Taylor
        • Jayden Sharp
        • Lana Taylor
        • Logan Turrall
        • Jeandre Van Grenuning
        • Kaiden Warren
        • Ashley Whittaker


        1st XV

        • Captain: Thom Stranaghan
        • Best Back: Elkanah Petelo
        • Best Forward: Kade Bramwell
        • Best Team Man: Niek Visser
        • Most Improved Player: Rohin Bacharam

        2nd XI

        • Captain: Ryan Papa
        • Most Valuable Back: Ezra Nicholl
        • Most Valuable Forward: Romeo Burnett
        • Best Team Man: Tui Fangupo
        • Most Improved Player: Caelan White

        5th Grade

        • Captain: Harris Barfoot and Trent Martin
        • Most Valuable Back: Asher Langley
        • Most Valuable Forward: Oli Williams
        • Best Team Man: Trent Martin
        • Most Improved Player: Caylis Hempleman

        6th Grade

        • Captain: Quinn Bevan
        • Most Valuable Back: Ishaan Silva
        • Most Valuable Forward: Gareth Pritchard
        • Best Team Man: Jordan Mills
        • Most Improved Player: Blake Pritchard


        420 Sailing Team - 6th overall at the NZTSA Secondary School Team Sailing National Championships

        • Luke Townend
        • Eben Wolfgramm-Jones
        • Josh Marryatt
        • Tim McCulloch
        • Logan McKay
        • Carter Robson
        • Ben McKeen

        Table Tennis



        Premier Boys

        • Captain: Levi De Jong
        • Best Team Player: John Wang
        • Most Valuable Player: Noah Rooke
        • Most Improved Player: Jay Punimata

        Premier Girls

        • Captain: Gemma Richards
        • Best Team Player: Emmeline Reynolds
        • Most Valuable Player: Gemma Richards
        • Most Improved Player: Shanae Ho

        Boys B

        • Captain: Christopher Cieplinski
        • Best Team Player: Jonathan Cao
        • Most Valuable Player: Christopher Cieplinski
        • Most Improved Player: Alex Prak

        Girls B

        • Captain: Billie-Jean Hartnoll
        • Best Team Player: Alana McEvoy
        • Most Valuable Player: Hannah Cullingworth
        • Most Improved Player: Andzile Mavuso



        Kapa Haka

        Performing Arts


        • Most Promising (Musical Theatre): Annika Lee
        • Most Promising (Drama): Chanel Lai
        • Most Promising (Dance): Tamzin Scullard

        Concert Band

        • Most Improved Player: Phoebe Yang
        • Player of the Year: Emily Swasbrook

        Symphonic Band

        • Most Improved Player: Raghav Pattni
        • Player of the Year: Timothy Chang

        Symphony Orchestra

        • Most Improved Player: Hillary Zhong
        • Player of the Year: Lorna Zhang


        • Most Improved Player: Alston Yam and Jason Liao
        • Player of the Year: Kenny Wang

        Chamber Orchestra

        • Most Improved Player: Jayti Pattni
        • Player of the Year: Lorna Zhang

        Stage Band

        • Most Improved Player: Quinn Zhong
        • Player of the Year: Angela Li


        • Most Improved Singer: Emily Rush
        • Singer of the Year: Wei Tian Teo


        • Most Improved Singer: Annie Su
        • Singer of the Year: Erica Ngin


        • Most Improved Singer: Katya Davidson
        • Singer of the Year: Samuel Zheng

        Men of Macleans

        • Most Improved Singer: Charlie Lin
        • Singer of the Year: Joshua Tan