Determination Shown at Rotorua Rogaine Event

Posted on August 15, 2018

2018 Rogaine Rotorua

On 28 July the Adventure Race Team travelled down to the Whakarewarewa Forest, near Rotorua to compete in the New Zealand Rogaine Championship and the Great Forest Rogaine event.

This involved a three-hour foot Rogaine. The junior competitors were entered in the NZ Rogaine Championships and the seniors were competing in the Great Forest Rogaine. Some were fairly new to forest navigation however every team showed great determination and used the event to build experience operating in thick forest terrain.  The experienced teams showed confidence which will be advantageous for future events.

Rogaine is an orienteering sport of long distance cross-country navigation, involving both routes planning and navigation between checkpoints.


Seniors - Competing in the Great Forest Rogaine

  • Cole Brown and Jonathan Li (both Snell House) 1st in the Junior section with 1220 points (this placed them third in the Open Men’s category)
  • Elizabeth Koh (Upham) and Kathy Pu (Rutherford) Total of 510 points

Juniors - Competing in the NZ Rogaine Championships

  • George Fisher (Batten) and Connor McLeay (Snell) 9th in Junior Boys’ section
  • Leo Huang (Batten), Gallon Zhou (Upham), John Wang (Te Kanawa) and Rick Wang (Rutherford) 11th in Junior Boys’ section
  • Grace Huang (Snell), Cheri Liu (Snell) and Amelia Winstone (Kupe) 7th in the Junior Girls’ section
  • Emily Marchl (Upham), Zoia Lio (Kupe) and Hillary Zhong (Upham) 10th in the Junior Girls’ section