Chinese Lion Dance Group debut at Polyfest

Posted on April 07, 2022

For the first time since Chinese Lion Dance started at Macleans College, the group was given an opportunity to participate in Polyfest 2022.

They performed the Chinese lion dance choreographed to display the values of whanau and the meaning of family bonds. The group’s aim was to express the care and love families have to share; the sheer joy of being around loved ones, and to convey the belief that the bond that ties family together is the passion and fuel that kindles their love for each.

Gladys Chua (Rutherford House) and Joanne Su (Mansfield) explained to the Polyfest audience that the origins of Southern style lion dance began in China, namely Guangdong, and is popular in South East Asian countries. Traditionally, it is performed to bring good luck and fortune to those who witness it. Lion Dance symbolises strength and stability, akin to the sense of safety a family provides.