Auckland Aerobics Regional Championships

Posted on July 10, 2018

Macleans College entered 62 competitors in the Auckland Aerobics Regional Competition held at Diocesan School Gymnasium recently.

Also competing in the championships were several Auckland aerobics clubs’ competitors. The scores of the Macleans College student-trained competitors with those from the clubs with adult trainers were favourable. 

Congratulations to the coaches for their hard work:
Kaylee Goodyer (Captain) (Te Kanawa House), Mia Bolton (Kupe), Alyse Goodyer (Te Kanawa), Caitlin Roper (Mansfield), Simone Kruger (Hillary), Bailey Fleming (Kupe).

Competitors gaining first place as individuals and/or teams:
Isabella Fogarty (Rutherford), Michaela Rimmer (Snell), Alyse Goodyer (Te Kanawa), Simone Kruger (Hillary), Mia Bolton (Kupe), Kaylee Goodyer (Te Kanawa), Anna Chibel (Hillary), Elora Barnes (Hillary), Emily Ready (Mansfield), Mandy Zang (Upham), Ruby Allcott (Snell), Sophia Lim (Snell), Savanna Youmans (Snell), Maggie Corbett (Te Kanawa), Grace McCaffrey (Te Kanawa), Grace Huang (Snell), Jasmin Rogado (Rutherford), Kaixi Zhu (Upham), Katie Kang (Snell), Libby Murray-Brown (Snell), Milla Hasselbach (Upham), Tonia Wang (Hillary).

Competitors gaining second place as individuals and/or teams:
Lucy Pakenham (Kupe), Jessie Brindle (Mansfield), Penny Bodman (Mandfield), Amelia Windle (Rutherford), Lauren Khoo (Te Kanawa),  Lexie Moore (Rutherford), Ruby Allcott (Snell), Sophia Lim (Snell), Sarah Huang (Rutherford), Lauren Minkley (Upham), Grace McCaffrey (Te Kanawa), Hannah Pickard (Snell), Rhea Iyer (Mansfield).

Competitors gaining third place as individuals and/or teams:
Jessie Brindle (Mansfield), Veda Xue (Rutherford), Nakyung Kim (Batten), Jenny Lu (Te Kanawa), Li Hong Chen (Batten), Ryna Karani (Upham), Tamilini Kandheswari (Upham), Anna Chibel (Hillary), Sarah Dunn (Snell), Laura Banks (Te Kanawa), Maggie Corbett (Te Kanawa), Alex Rikys (Rutherford), Amelia Winstone (Kupe), Lucy Sanders (Kupe).