Women’s Rights discussed by Macleans College students

Posted on March 19, 2018

On Sunday 11th March two Macleans College students who are members of the Zonta Club – Alice Park and Khushi Kohli, both from Rutherford House – represented the school at an Auckland District Meeting to present their views on women’s rights, the significance of the Suffragette movement in the 21st century and the increased representation of women in Parliament.

Former student and East Auckland Zonta Award winner for 2017, Sara Khatau (Hillary House 2013 – 2017), also took part in this event. They were all highly commended for the quality of their presentations which were described as very pertinent, succinct and inspiring.

The meeting was facilitated by Gay Gallagher, a former Macleans College staff member and New Zealand Zonta Z Club chair.

Second from left: Alice Park, Khushi Kohli and Sara Khatau.