Wellington Economics Trip

Posted on August 22, 2017

Twenty-seven senior Economics students with three staff travelled to Wellington on Tuesday August 15th.

Their first appointment was at the Reserve Bank of New Zealand where they were treated to an informative lecture on monetary policy. After viewing a fascinating working demonstration of the MONIAC, designed by the Kiwi Economist Bill Phillips, the students crossed the road and entered The Treasury building.

Besides glorious views of Wellington harbour the students were entertained by a couple of employees who outlined the function of Treasury within the New Zealand economy. The students were then given a thought-provoking group task which involved them reallocating spending and having to evaluate the consequences of the changes they had made in terms of the impact on the wider economy now and in the future.

The final destination for the group was Parliament where they experienced the debating chamber with the full complement of politicians present prior to them returning to their electorates to prepare for the general election on September 23rd.