The Big Sing Auckland Regionals 2022

Posted on June 22, 2022

Last week, three Macleans College choirs travelled to the Auckland Town Hall to participate in the Regional Big Sing festival - an annual event hosted by the New Zealand Choral Federation.

With Auckland in the red and orange Covid traffic lights for much of the year, all the choirs have had a challenging year of rehearsals due to the restrictions. The announcement of Big Sing going ahead was met with much excitement by all students, who had worked hard to prepare a 2-piece repertoire for the festival.

Men of Macleans, the all-comers male choir, performed Pie Jesu, by Mary Lynn Lightfoot, and Debka Hora, an Israeli folk song that involves chanting and choreographed marching.

Aria, the all-comers female choir and the largest Auckland choir this year - boasting almost 100 members - performed the Maori waiata Hine e Hine, arranged by David Hamilton, followed by the cheerful tune of Calico Cat by Andy Beck.

Finally, the premiere mixed choir, Macleans College Chorale, performed a contrasting set that showed off the ensemble’s range in abilities. The Moon is Distant From the Sea retells a tale of two lovers estranged by distance through a haunting poem by Emily Dickinson, set against an ethereal backdrop of music arranged by David Childs. This poignant piece was followed by Dubula - a rousing modern arrangement of a traditional African song in Xhosa, accompanied by a drum and some groovy dance moves.

Special thanks to the choir directors, Mrs McNabb and Mrs Swasbrook for the insurmountable effort and time put into all three choirs. Special thanks also to Dr Miles, Miss Xie, Mr Bevan, Mr Muckerdhooj, Ms Harrison and Mr Harrison for their support of the choirs during this event and over the course of the year.

Men of Macleans - Pie Jesu

Men of Macleans - Debka Hora

Aria - Hine e Hine

Aria - Calico Cat

Macleans College Chorale - The Moon is Distant from the Sea

Macleans College Chorale - Dubula