Textiles Students Collect Visual Inspiration

Posted on August 15, 2019

Year 12 and 13 Textiles students recently participated in trips to collect and research visual imagery through drawings and photography for their Design Visual Communication (DVC) external, which started in Term Three.

This external requires the students to collect visual inspiration from an unrelated source, a starting point, then use this imagery to create new designs. 

Year 12 students went to Kelly Tarlton’s Aquarium to start their visual research through marine life, then onto the Auckland War Memorial Museum to see the Carried Away Bags Unpacked exhibition. This consisted of a fabulous collection of bags curated by the museum from their own collection, including a final glass blown bag shaped in the form of a plastic bag.

Year 13 students also went to the museum where they explored the Weird and Wonderful and Origins section.  They sketched and photographed and then went onto the Carried Away Bags Unpacked exhibition.

From the photography and sketches both groups continue to develop their ideas in order to answer their external.