Tertiary Awards at Senior Prizegiving 2017

Posted on November 07, 2017

Price Waterhouse Cooper Accelerate Programme

This opportunity provides the recipient with a PWC staff mentor, summer internship and invitations to functions and social events.

Winnie Zhang of Hillary House.

Half Moon Bay Rotary Technology Scholarships for 2017

These scholarships are intended to encourage students to enter a trade or technology and to recognise the value of apprenticeships and cadetships.

The Macleans values have been displayed by both students and they have proven skills and abilities in their chosen area.

The scholarships in 2017 are awarded to: Sam Beere of Upham House and Arron Meela-Banks of Mansfield House.

Manukau Institute of Technology (MIT) Partnership Scholarship

This Manukau Institute of Technology Partnership Scholarship is worth $4000 in terms of a fees credit and awarded for a full time course at Level 4 and above. It is awarded to a student based on their academic performance and leadership potential.

The recipient for 2017 is: Esme Du Plessis of Hillary House

Miriam Elizabeth Gilbert Award

This prize is awarded in memory of Miriam Gilbert, a student at Macleans College 2004-2007.

The award of $750 is awarded to a Year 13 creative arts student, particularly focussing on media studies or graphic design who;

  • Displays creativity in their work
  • Who is highly individual

The recipient for 2017 is: Joy Liu of Snell House (absent)

The Auckland University of Technology (AUT) Scholarships

AUT Vice Chancellor's Significant Student Scholarship

AUT University provides undergraduate scholarships to reward student academic achievement and contribution to their school and community.

Successful applicants have demonstrated the potential for leadership and demonstrate they are contributing at a high level to their school or community, and that they are active in cultural pursuits or sport at a representative level and have good academic results. This scholarship equates to $19,500 over three years.

The recipients for 2017 are: Jessica Kwong of Te Kanawa House, Mary Wei of Mansfield House

Otago University Scholarships

Leaders of Tomorrow Scholarship

Leaders of Tomorrow Scholarships are selected based on a balance of academic achievement and leadership, which might be demonstrated either through school, sporting or cultural activities, and/or community involvement. This scholarship is valued at $6000.

The recipients are: Libby Christophers of Hillary House, Sachini Jayawardhana (absent from photo) of Te Kanawa House and Edwin Zeng of Mansfield House

The Vice Chancellors Scholarship

The Vice-Chancellors Scholarship was established by the University in 2015 to celebrate the excellence of students enrolling at the University of Otago. Students cannot apply for this but are selected at the discretion of the Vice-Chancellor.

The recipients are: Leena Balanag of Te Kanawa House and Kerry Huang-Chen of Kupe House

Otago University Academic Excellence Scholarship

The University of Otago Academic Excellence Scholarships are worth up to $45,000 over three years, and are primarily selected on the basis of outstanding previous academic performance, however leadership qualities and community involvement are also considered.

The recipients are: Sue Liu and Bryner Lum of Mansfield House.

Otago University Performance Entrance Scholarship

These scholarships are valued at up to $16,000 over three years, available to students who have demonstrated academic ability and who are at an elite level for their chosen sport or cultural discipline.

The recipient for 2017 is: Lucy Tang of Snell House.

Victoria University Excellence Scholarships

The purpose of the Victoria Excellence Scholarships is to support high-achieving undergraduate students in their studies at Victoria University of Wellington. These scholarships are awarded competitively to school leavers, on the basis of academic excellence at Year 12. The scholarship is valued at $5,000 for payment toward tuition fees or halls of residence.

The recipient for 2017 is: Kate Haszard of Mansfield House

Auckland University Scholarships

Faculty of Creative Arts and Industries Entry Level Undergraduate Scholarship (Music)

Faculty Scholarships are awarded to applicants who show excellent academic ability in subjects related to their chosen area of study. These scholarships are valued at $5,000 for the first year of study.

The recipient of this award is: Tony Chen of Mansfield House

The University of Auckland Top Achiever Scholarships

The University of Auckland Top Achiever Scholarships are prestigious awards. They are awarded to students who have demonstrated exceptional levels of academic excellence, all round ability, and leadership. This scholarship is worth up to $20,000 in the first year.

The recipients for 2017 are: Janice Ho (absent), Helen Wu, Max Yang and Richard Tang of Te Kanawa House and Edward Liu and Vincent Wang of Mansfield House.

Special Donated Awards and Scholarship

The Ann Schaeffer Memorial Award for Excellence in Service to Others

This award is given to honour the memory of Ann Schaeffer a long serving member of the Macleans College staff.

Awarded to Libby Christophers of Hillary House.

The Dr James Bradshaw Hannah/MD Award

This award is given to a recipient who shows selfless service to others. This also includes a monetary scholarship of $1000.

Awarded to Andrew Power of Mansfield House.