Starship Hospital Fundraiser Performance

Posted on August 08, 2017

Several of the performing clubs of the Intercultural Committee (ICC) held a fundraising performance for Starship Hospital at Botany Town Centre on Saturday 5th August.

The performance attracted a large public crowd who gave praise to the Macleans College students’ culturally diverse skills. Groups who performed were: Chinese girls’ dance, Korean traditional fan dance, Korean drums, Korean pop dance, and a special guitar performance by our talented student guitarist, Chris Lee (Snell House).

Starship Hospital’s Fundraiser Performance is an ICC tradition which has been maintained for several years as the club’s main charity. The bucket collection was a great success. Special thanks to teachers who helped with supervision and transport, Mrs Humby, Mrs Hoshino, Ms Yeoh, Ms Hon, and Ms Xu. Many thanks to the ICC Executive Committee who organised the event, and Jess Kwong (Te Kanawa) for introducing the groups.

Earlier in the year, the Intercultural Committee also held school events to fundraise for Starship Hospital - proceeds from the Food Festival, Night of China, and Night of Korea all went towards helping children of Starship Hospital.