Sporting and Cultural Awards at Senior Prizegiving 2018

Posted on November 06, 2018

Senior Sports Awards

Aerobics and Gymsports

  • Kaylee Goodyer
    Cup for Excellence in Aerobics
  • Mia Kelly
    Main Family Cup for Gymsports


  • Dominic Mutti Year 11 Boys Athletics Champion
  • Caitlin Harley Year 11 Girls Athletics Champion
  • Abhijeet Parmar Year 12 Boys Athletics Champion
  • Emma Hjorth Year 12 Girls Athletics Champion
  • Jarod Hellier Senior Boys Athletics Champion
  • Lauren Adamson Senior Girls Athletics


  • Sonia Lu
    Girls Player of the Year
  • Adam Fu
    Boys Player of the Year


  • Sai Kuvelkar Most Valuable Boys Player
  • Landy Zheng Most Valuable Girls Player


  • Priyanka Rao Girls Player of the Year
  • Wilhelm Muller Boys Player of the Year

Cross Country

  • Caitlin Harley Intermediate Girls Cross Country Champion
  • Krystal Clark Senior Girls Champion
  • Matthew Wilson Senior Boys Champion


  • Tafara Chawira
    Boys Most Valuable Player
  • Louise Turley
    Girls Most Valuable Player


  • Jimmy Zheng Player of the Year


  • Owen Hood-Edwards Senior Boys Player of the Year
  • Hannah Tong Ho Senior Girls Player of the Year


  • Michaela Crozier Senior Netball Cup


  • Sean Wilkie Player of the Year


  • Renee Hosking
    Senior Girls Champion
  • Adrian Chong
    Senior Boys Champion

Table Tennis

  • Zhi Ying Chen
    Long Service & Excellence


  • Kaitlyn Wilkinson
    Senior Girls Player of the Year


  • Aleesha de Jong
    Senior Girls Player of the Year
  • Randy Jiang
    Senior Boys Player of the Year

Senior Cultural Awards

  • Alan Zhang and Yang Fan Yun
    Special Prize for Debating
  • Prisha Desai
    Year 11 Speech Contest Winner
  • Archi Tulsian
    Year 12 Speech Contest Winner
  • John Sibanda
    Year 13 Speech Contest Winner


  • David Li
    Concert Band Player of the Year
  • Sophia Wei and Shuyi Wang
    Symphony Orchestra Player of the Year 
  • Miles Boermans
    Stage Band Player of the Year
  • Jackie Liu and Shuyi Wang
    Macappella Singer of the Year
  • Hayatt Al Joborry
    Cantabile Singer of the Year
  • Hamish Regan
    Chorale Singer of the Year
  • Michael Li
    Senior Piano Competition Winner
  • Jackie Liu
    Senior Solo Competition Winner
  • Avaneesh Belwalkar
    Singer of the Year
  • Jackie Liu
    Lee Cup for Outstanding Performance in the Musical Production
  • Miles Boermans and Yuna Otani
    Outstanding Contribution to Music
  • Sophia Wei
    Musician of the Year
  • Jackie Liu
    Performer of the Year

Dance and Drama

  • Anya John-Francke
    Choreographer of the Year
  • Kaylee Goodyer
    Dancer of the Year
  • Kelsey Mercer
    Actress of the Year
    (For her role as Lavinia in the senior production of Androcles and the Lion by George Bernard Shaw)
  • Dominic Pestana
    Actor of the Year
    (For his role as Androcles in the senior production of Androcles and the Lion by George Bernard Shaw)


  • Jackie Liu
    Female Artist of the Year
  • Kenny Lam
    Male Artist of the Year
  • Zj Lin
    Painter of the Year
  • Harrison Ambler
    Photographer of the Year
  • Jake Edwards-Ingle
    Designer of the Year
  • Melissa Shao
    Significant Student 

Service to the school for Kapa Haka Award

To recognise the contribution to the Kapa Haka Group of one senior boy and one senior girl each year.

This year’s recipients are:

Braxton Anderson and Sean Wilkie.

Zonta International Leadership Award

The Zonta Leadership award is supported by the Zonta Club of East Auckland and is presented to a young woman in Year 12 to recognise and reward leadership qualities.

The recipient for 2018 is Yuna Otani.

Senior Prizegiving photos can be purchased via BC Photography