Sporting and Cultural Awards at Junior Prizegiving 2019

Posted on December 12, 2019

Junior Sports Awards


  • Venitha Herath
    Year 9 Boys Athletics Champion
  • Hana Rose and Courtney Rimmer
    Year 9 Girls Athletics Champion
  • Samuel Warren
    Year 10 Boys Athletics Champion
  • Anneliese Parsons
    Year 10 Girls Athletics Champion


  • Joshua Kingdon
    Junior Cricketer of the Year

Cross Country

  • Christian De Vaal
    Junior Boys Cross Country Champion
  • Abbey Bolton
    Junior Girls Cross Country Champion


  • Jessaien Govender
    Junior Boys Player of the Year
  • Sophie Ward
    Junior Girls Player of the Year


  • Lucy Packer
    Main Family Cup for Excellence in Gymsports


  • Ben Hargreaves
    Junior Boys Player of the Year
  • Sophia Flaws Olmos
    Junior Girls Player of the Year


  • Kayla Winiata
    Junior Netball Cup


  • Declan Murphy
    Junior Player of the Year


  • Daniel Cieplinski
    Junior Boys Champion
  • Jaylin Wang
    Junior Girls Champion

Table Tennis

  • Joseph Zhang
    Junior Player of the Year


  • Lize-Mari Beer
    Junior Tennis Cup


  • Leo Liao
    Junior Volleyball Cup

Junior Cultural Awards

  • Bianca Lim
    Year 9 Speech Contest Winner
  • Mia Simpson
    Year 10 Speech Contest Winner
  • Hillary Zhong
    Special Prize for Art
  • Shivani Samanthula
    Special Prize for Debating
  • Eri Okabe
    Special Prize for Drama
  • Lorna Zhang
    Special Prize for Music
  • Lorna Zhang
    Junior Solo Competition Winner
  • Wei Tian Teo
    Junior Piano Competition Winner
  • Jasmine Jones
    Dancer of the Year

Junior Prizegiving photos can be purchased via BC Photography