Senior ESOL students experience Crystal Mountain

Posted on October 25, 2019

Recently 39 senior ESOL students visited Crystal Mountain in Swanson in West Auckland in preparation for a speaking assessment later in the term.

Crystal Mountain has a large selection of rare crystals and minerals from around the world. There are some pieces that weigh 2000 kg and are 2 metres in height, all of which instantly captivated the students.

They listened to a presentation about the precious collection and then worked together looking for various crystals such as the large amethyst and green crystals. Also in the collection are many fossils which included a crab, a tortoise and shark teeth imbedded in the fossils.  Additionally they were amazed to see a large meteorite dating back to 1836.

Each student was given a bag of sand to pan for their own crystals in the sluice. There was great excitement from all when they found several crystals which they were allowed to keep.

Feeding the farm animals and riding on the mini roller coaster were highlights of the day.