Second place at Auckland Accounting Case Competition

Posted on July 21, 2020

Last month seven students from Macleans College formed three teams to enter the first-ever student run Auckland Accounting Case Competition.

This competition was a challenge for everyone as there had never been an Accounting based competition before and it required extensive accounting knowledge, creativity and problem solving in our solutions.

Two teams from Macleans College, Mutti (Abhinav Chawla of Snell House and Andre McKay of Te Kanawa House) and Stallion Auckmont (Meysum Mehdi of Mansfield House, Roy Zhao of Mansfield House, Sanjit Ramesh Chandran of Hillary House and Vivian Chan of Te Kanawa House), made it through to the final round of the Q & A which consisted of five teams from schools across Auckland.

Stallion Auckmont placed second overall winning a cash prize of $500 amongst them. This was a great opportunity for them to exercise their knowledge from their accounting classes.