Scholarship History students attend Year 13 Schools' Day 2021

Posted on July 09, 2021

On Wednesday 7 July, 13 Scholarship History students travelled to the University of Auckland to attend a series of history lectures.

With the overarching theme of colonialism, the five lectures ‘Colonial stories in global history’, ‘Colonialism, United States history, and narratives’, ‘Colonialism and Aotearoa: A Tasman perspective’, ‘A White New Zealand? Migration at the turn of the century’ and ‘Did colonialism + Aotearoa x 1900 = best race relations in the world?’ were thoroughly enjoyed by the scholarship students.

The lectures, led by a wide range of knowledgeable lecturers from the University of Auckland, covered the roots of colonialism spanning from Australia and New Zealand to the United States and the rest of the world. In addition to gaining valuable insight about the history of global race relations, students delved into the conflicts which arose as a result of colonialism and imperialism, and which still manifest in the present day through legislation, culture, and modern-day society.

The students also experienced a fascinating tour around the University of Auckland campus, particularly around the Business and Arts buildings; as well as gained extra tips and tricks surrounding their upcoming NCEA and/or Scholarship History examinations.

Many thanks to Mr Hamilton who coordinated the trip for the Scholarship History students.