Safer September SADD Day 2019

Posted on September 24, 2019

The Students Against Dangerous Driving group held their inaugural Safer September SADD Day outside the Art block on Thursday 19 September during lunchtime.

Students were provided with an opportunity to experience fatal vision goggles simulating different levels of intoxication, whilst also presenting access inside of a Police booze bus.

The purpose of the event was to help spread the message, prevent accidents on roads from students making dangerous decisions, and to develop a greater understanding of how to keep safe on New Zealand roads.

Students were encouraged to participate in activities whilst wearing drunk goggles such as walking around multiple cones, catching balls, and hi-fiving other students, aiming to create awareness around the confronting realities of driving under the influence, and the dangers it poses to other road users.

The event turned out to be a great success with many students from all year levels across the school showing interest and attending on the day.

This event was managed and organised by the SADD Leaders, Selena Guo (Batten House), Sanjit Ramesh Chandran (Hillary), Tony Zhou (Batten), and Eliot Lew (Hillary). The team would also like to thank their supervising teacher Mrs Thompson for all the hard work and effort she has put into making this event such a success. The SADD team would also like to thank Auckland Transport for supplying the team with the fatal vision goggles, the New Zealand Police for bringing in the booze bus, and Maria Cullen from SADD for assisting the team on the day.