Removal of kilt from the school uniform

Posted on September 23, 2022

Dear Parents and Caregivers

Removal of kilt from the school uniform

The Board has recently decided to remove from the uniform the kilt worn by junior girls in winter. Junior girls may choose to wear the kilt in winter 2023 but from the end of term 3 next year the kilt will no longer be an approved uniform item.

The main reason for removing the kilt from the uniform is that junior girls are required to change uniform in winter whereas junior boys and senior students are not. This was seen as an unfair and restrictive uniform requirement for juniors, many of whom now wear trousers year-round.

From term four 2022 junior students may wear the approved knee-length navy skirt, trousers or shorts. These items may also be worn by senior students. Please follow this link for a full description of the uniform guidelines.

The school appreciates this decision removes the ability to resell used kilts that may have been purchased this year. We are exploring means of ‘upcycling’ or reusing the kilts for charitable purposes, but acknowledge this will not have a financial payback for families. In the longer term however, this change makes our uniform more economical and inclusive.

Yours sincerely

Steven Hargreaves