Prefects for 2017 Announced

Posted on January 31, 2017

The Macleans College prefects were presented at the first school assembly on Friday 27 January.

The Head Prefects are Theo Quax (Kupe House) and Helen Wu (Te Kanawa). The Deputy Head Prefects are Ben Zhang (Mansfield) and Bronte Croad (Upham).


House Prefects
Batten Cam Hull, Tom Subritzky
Hillary Geoffrey Dharmadi, Cody Zhang, Matthew Beeson, Esme Du Plessis, Sara Khatau, D. J. Kruger, Walter Xu
Kupe Sally Fu, Finn Stranaghan, Harrie Wilton, Lang Cuihua, Emma Woodhead
Mansfield Antonia Chan, Tony Chen, Andrew Power, Mary Wei
Rutherford Jaimee Clark, Jamie Rowland, Charlie Liley
Snell Ethan Butler, Sam Beere, Andrew Fei, Emily Gillion, Sarah Hillier, Jehangir Homavazir, Amber Peek, Karl Zhu
Te Kanawa Janice Ho, Varya Pavlova, Richard Tang, Max Yang, Skye Macleod, Holly Thirlwall, Gabriel Weon, Stephanie Yiu
Upham Ben Fisher, Dylan Laurenzi

House Captains

House Captains
Batten Sonny Deol, Amelia Orchard
Hillary Oliver Roberts-Swain, Libby Christophers
Kupe Ethan Verner, Anna Farrell
Mansfield Harrison Roper, Kate Haszard
Rutherford Wei Ting Teo, Sabrina Snoad
Snell Kurtis Robson, Vethahi Arunthayaparan
Te Kanawa Flynn Palmer, Lisa Zhang
Upham Brandan Laurenzi, Lauren Walters-Puttick