Parent Interviews, Term 3 2022

Posted on July 07, 2022

This year Macleans College is continuing to offer two options for parent interviews in Term 3:

  • On Week 1, Thursday 28th July we will be holding online interviews from 3.30 - 6.30 pm for all year levels and;
  • On Week 3, Thursday 11th August we will be holding on-site interviews from 3.30 - 6.30 pm for all year levels.

Please note, on both days, the school will be closed for instruction at 2.45 pm.

How to book the interviews

All interview bookings are managed online at

Online interviews (Year 9 – 13)
Interviews will be held on Thursday 28 July from 3.30 pm to 6.30 pm. Interviews can be booked at using the event code 57k53

On-site interviews (Year 9 – 13)
Interviews will be held on Thursday 11 August from 3.30 pm to 6.30 pm. Interviews can be booked at using the event code w6cvt

Bookings for both days will be open on Friday 8 July - from 3.30 pm

When you book the interview, please ensure you use the full name of your child, to avoid confusion for the teacher.

How to use the school interview website

To access the booking system, all you need to do is go online at

Enter the 5 digit event code and press GO

  • Step 1 - Enter name, email address and student's name/s and press GO
  • Step 2 - Choose the teacher/s (the names of the teachers are on the report) you want to see for each student and press GO
  • Step 3 - To choose the interview time, click the checkboxes. Missing checkboxes mean that time has already been booked by someone else. Press GO to confirm interviews.
  • Your interview is confirmed - on this page you will see your interviews with the location of the teacher for on-site interviews or listed with the link for on-line interviews. This is the link you need to access the “meeting room” with the teacher.
  • You can cancel, update, add, reschedule and print.
  • Click 'Finished' when completed.

If you need interviews for more than one child, we suggest that you do not make bookings in consecutive time slots as you would need to leave your first interview early in order to be on time for the second one. The system does bring up a warning about this if you try to do it. Interviews are 5 minutes in duration.

If a teacher’s name does not appear once entered, then they are not available on the interview afternoon or they are fully booked.

Bookings will close at 3.30 pm the day before each parent interview session.

We encourage parents to book interviews if your child has red grades on their report. Your son/daughter is welcome to attend the interview in their school uniform.

Instructions on how to use Whereby for online interviews

We are using the free app (Whereby: Video Meetings, Video Conferencing and Screen Sharing) - it’s really easy to install and use.

Please DO NOT sign up for a paid plan - sign up for the ‘try for free’, click ‘try meetings for free’ and complete the ‘get started process’.

If you are connecting from a laptop, or a mobile device using Safari, you only need to click on the link (see below). If you are using Chrome from a mobile device you will need to download the app ( before the interviews.

You will need a device with a camera and microphone. (A mobile phone is fine).

When you book your interviews, you will be sent an email confirmation for each teacher. It will look like either of these examples:

  • Thu 28 July 3:35pm Mrs Thompson/Mathematics for Anna Simpson • Click here to start your online interview (for online interviews)
    (Simply click on this link a minute before the interview, the teacher will be alerted that you are waiting and will “let you into the meeting” once they are ready)
  • Thu 11 August 3:35pm Mrs Thompson/Mathematics for Anna Simpson • Batten House Commons (for onsite interviews)

The free plan that we are using does not allow the interview to be recorded. No other methods of recording are permitted unless both the teacher and parent have given consent for the interview to be recorded. Recording without consent is a criminal offence.

We expect both parents and teachers to abide by the same etiquette online as they would face to face.

As a staff, we are looking forward to meeting with our Macleans families.