Outstanding Rowing Performance

Posted on March 02, 2017

Last weekend the Macleans College Rowing Squad competed in the Mercury Junior Regatta held at Lake Karapiro.

The squad put in an impressive performance with 13 crews competing in “A” finals - eight of these crews finishing in the top four.

There were outstanding results again from Harry Newbury-Lee (Te Kanawa House) and Heath Shepherd (Te Kanawa) who won the Boys Under 17 Double Sculls. The coxswains also played an important role in the results, particularly Camille Dignadice (Rutherford) and Henry Smith (Kupe) who coxed three “A” final crews each.

The squad is now building towards the most significant regattas of the season – the North Island Secondary School Championships and the National Secondary School Championships.

Crews reaching “A” finals were:

Boys U15 coxed eight
Trent Marshall (Batten), Jed Williams (Mansfield), Hugh Ibbotson (Upham), Matt Botha (Kupe), Dewald van Rooyen (Hillary), Ryan Gass (Kupe), James Bird (Rutherford), Nico Muller (Kupe), coxswain Byron Woods (Upham)

Boys U15 coxed four
Trent Marshall, Jed Williams, Hugh Ibbotson, Matt Botha, coxswain Henry Smith

Boys U16 coxed four
Waldo Singleton (Kupe), Patrick Boyle (Te Kanawa), Leetham Beatt (Upham), Harrison Boles (Batten), coxswain Camille Dignadice

Boys U16 single sculls
Waldo Singleton

Boys U17 coxed quadruple sculls
Harry Newbury-Lee, Heath Shepherd, Jack MacDonald (Kupe), Leetham Beatt, coxswain Byron Woods

Boys U17 double sculls
Harry Newbury-Lee, Heath Shepherd

Boys U17 single sculls
Heath Shepherd

Boys U17 single sculls
Jack MacDonald

Girls U15 coxed eight
Caitlin Harley (Upham), Emma Penney (Upham), Chelsea Cox (Upham), Holly MacDonald (Kupe), McKenzie Smith (Upham), Isobel Sturgin (Te Kanawa), Georgia Anderson (Mansfield), Jessica Taylor (Mansfield), coxswain Camille Dignadice

Girls U15 coxed quadruple sculls
Chelsea Cox, Georgia Anderson, McKenzie Smith, Emma Penney, coxswain Camille Dignadice

Girls U16 coxed eight
Zara Ely (Rutherford), Georgia Anderson, Zoe Marais (Hillary), Ffion Lewis (Snell), McKenzie Smith, Emma Penney, Caitlin Harley, Holly MacDonald, coxswain Henry Smith

Girls U16 coxed quadruple sculls
Polly Chamberlain (Te Kanawa), Zoe Marais, Ffion Lewis, Georgia Anderson, coxswain Henry Smith

Girls U17 coxed quadruple sculls
Anna Rowland (Rutherford), Kayli Singleton (Kupe), Sanaaya Wadia (Kupe), Polly Chamberlain, coxswain Ryan O’Loughlin (Batten)