Outstanding artwork features on NZQA’s website

Posted on July 30, 2019

The NZQA Visual Art scholarship exemplars were recently updated. The Visual Arts faculty was delighted to see former Macleans College student Lexin Wang (Te Kanawa House 2014 – 2018) had her work featured as one of the two 2018 national submissions.

Lexin’s work explored the idea, as a new resident, of how she saw architecture taking over the natural environment in an urban setting. In the commentary, the chief scholarship panel leader explained “Discussion in the workbook suggests strong analysis of media to concept relations with media strategies being employed to create the narrative of the candidate's seeing. There is a thoughtful undercurrent present in the folio work that is communicated by considered decision-making and applied technical fluency in the paintings.”

To create her work Lexin used a wide range of processes including pencil drawing, acrylic paint marbling and the use of markers.

Lexin is now continuing her studies at the University of Auckland.

Further explanation of the work can be seen by following this link.