October/November Exam series for CAIE 2020

Posted on May 29, 2020

Guidelines for entries for CAIE - October/November examinations 2020

If you are in an AS or A2 timetabled class this year, you will automatically be entered in the October/November examination series for that course. (12MTC is one course.)

i.e: If you are in 12MTC you will automatically be entered into AS Mathematics.

Your timetabled subjects are your priority.

You will not be able to withdraw from these entries.

Sitting additional examinations - (non timetabled classes)

If you wish to sit an additional examination in October/November 2020 you will need to apply using the form below (it will also be available at reception). This must be completed before 1st July 2020.

There are some conditions as to the number of examinations a student can sit in one series. 

  1. Each student can sit examinations in 5 courses only. NB.12MTC is one course, 13MSC is another course.
  2. If you are resitting an AS course you must be sitting the A2 of that subject this year.  i.e: If you want to re-sit 12MTC you must be in a 13MSC class (exceptions maybe given to students who were entered to re-sit in May/June of this year).
  3. You must have less than 90% and more than 60%, in your previous AS exam.
  4. If you are resitting the A2 this year, you may have to re-sit the AS as well. This will count as 2 additional courses.

 All entries and withdrawals for CAIE must go through Mrs Thompson.

Any student who does not meet these criteria above, will need to discuss their case with Mrs Thompson.