National Schools’ Pride Week celebrated at Macleans College

Posted on July 08, 2024

Student members of the Macleans College Rainbow Pride group organised a range of activities to raise awareness and affirm the rainbow identities represented in the school.

The school activities were timed to be a part of InsideOUT’s National Schools’ Pride Week campaign, which last year saw over 60% of secondary schools involved. The entire Macleans College school community was welcomed to join in and participate in the activities that had been planned by the group. It was terrific to see so many students and staff supporting the initiative this year.

The week kicked off with raising the progress pride flag on the school flagpole. Activities included a pride themed quiz, a lunchtime of crafts and a bake sale that raised money for rainbow charities. The library created a display of rainbow themed books titled ‘Out on the Shelves’. The Rainbow Pride Group designed a series of flags, stickers and badges which were proudly displayed across the school.

In addition to the school activities, leaders of the Rainbow Pride Group attended ‘Lil Gay Out’ a day of learning, connecting and celebrating the LGBTIQA+ students of Tāmaki Makaurau. Over 200 students from 15 different schools came together to attend workshops from organisations such as Auckland Libraries, Netsafe and Youth Law. Entertainment kicked off the day with a waacking (a street dance style) performance by Prowl Productions. Trans actor Elz Carrad and drag king Huge Grrl shared inspirational messages before the day finally concluded with a performance from a star of RuPaul’s Drag Race, Anita Wiglet.

The Rainbow Pride Group meets weekly as advertised in the daily notices. Alongside organising Pride Week, the students also design presentations on a variety of topics, share ideas and encourage opportunities to make new friends and connections. All students are welcome to attend these meetings.

The following links might be helpful in finding more information:

  • Outline - confidential support line, rainbow specialist counselling and trans peer support

  • Be There - Rainbow Support Collective website to support the parents and whānau of trans, non-binary, takatāpui, queer, intersex and rainbow young people

  • InsideOUT - national charity with resources to support rainbow communities