National Aerobics Championships

Posted on August 22, 2017

Sixty Macleans College students were a dominating force at the New Zealand Secondary Schools National Aerobics Championships held at Somerville Intermediate School on Saturday 19 August.

The students competed against 23 secondary schools and were rewarded with an impressive 14 gaining first place, 13 second placing and seven third placing across the several divisions of the championship.

The judging panel commented on the high scores of our students which were between the 14 and 17 out of 20 range of marks and praised the sound coaching by the student leaders. The coaches for the year were: Captain Bronte Croad (Upham House), Vice Captain Victoria Goodman (Hillary) Kaylee Goodyer (Te Kanawa), Emma Stevenson (Kupe), Simone Kruger (Hillary), Aleesha de Jong (Snell), Sarah Hillier (Snell), Mia Bolton (Kupe), Caitlin Roper (Mansfield).

While there were several quite remarkable performances, the most outstanding performance of the day was by Kaylee Goodyer, in the International Division, who received the gold medal with a staggering 19.05 marks!

Gold medals went to: Kaixi Zhu (Upham), Samadiana Fariz (Mansfield), Isabella Fogarty (Rutherford), Lucy Pakenham (Kupe), Alyse Goodyer (Te Kanawa), Sarah Hillier (Snell), Kaylee Goodyear (Te Kanawa), Tamika Te Young (Batten), Grace Huang (Snell), Veda Xue (Rutherford), Sharon Li (Rutherford), Hinatea Jones (Upham), Jasmin Rogado (Rutherford), Sophia Lim (Snell), Michaela Rimmer (Snell), Emmeline Reynolds (Rutherford), Lauren Minkley (Upham), Antonia Cosma (Rutherford), Penny Bodman (Mansfield), Jessie Brindle (Mansfield), Emily Sexton (Kupe), Anna Talbot (Batten).

Silver medals went to: Amelia Winstone (Kupe), Tamika Te Young (Batten), Hannah Pickard (Snell), Anna Talbot (Batten), Mia Bolton (Kupe), Jenny Zheng (Upham), Navya Misra (Kupe), Katie Kang (Snell), Libby Murray-Brown (Snell), Sophie Dyball (Batten), Annelise Williams (Kupe), Emma Pattinson (Kupe), Daniella McIntosh (Kupe), Ryna Karani (Upham), Tamilini Kandheswari (Upham), Janika Reburiano (Mansfield), Rhea Iyer (Mansfield), Gloria Lee (Snell), Emma Woodhead (Kupe), Esme Du Plessis (Hillary), Antonia Chan (Mansfield).

Bronze medals went to: Sophia Lim (Snell), Emily Sexton (Kupe), Veda Xue (Rutherford), Nakyung Kim (Batten), Vidushi Misra (Kupe), Chanel Poomphuang (Kupe), Ishani Mathur (Snell), Varya Pavlova (Te Kanawa), Kayomi Patrawala (Snell), Nuch Srisa-An (Batten).