Media students part of a studio audience for TV3’s ‘The Project’

Posted on September 16, 2020

Macleans College senior Media students were thrilled to be part of a live studio audience for TV3s current affairs show ‘The Project’.

This was an excellent educational experience for both students and teachers who got to watch live television being made in a T.V. studio. Students were able to witness and appreciate the pre-production planning, filming equipment and crew needed to shoot a current affairs television programme each day. 

Year 13 Batten House student, Ryan O’Loughlin, was selected to do the audience advertisement introduction during one of the ad breaks. Ryan had to read the introduction from a teleprompter live in the studio.

An exclusive Q&A session after the show with executive producer, Jon Bridges, provided additional information and insight for students about the television industry in New Zealand and helped answer their many questions about the making of the show.