Māori and Pacific Island Leadership Training Day

Posted on April 12, 2021

On Wednesday 31 March, 23 of the Māori and Pacific Island senior students engaged in a day of building their leadership capacity through a training programme.

Bonded by culture and a vision to uplift Māori and Pasifika leadership at Macleans College, the students were introduced to new leadership concepts they could use to inspire younger students.

The group welcomed two inspiring guest speakers during the day. Firstly, Board of Trustees Chair and Police Inspector, Mr Richard Wilkie spoke to the aspiring leaders about his journey and how his past influenced who he is today. He also engraved deeper thought for the leaders to think about the factors that can lead to their peak performance. By focussing on skills, experience and technique students were encouraged to identify concepts in their lives they could use to improve their leadership skills and to achieve their goals.

In the afternoon our Principal Mr Hargreaves took time out of his busy schedule to answer a series of questions about leadership, role modelling and some of the strategies that he used to face challenging situations and overcome barriers in reaching goals.

The students learned about different types of leadership and had the opportunity to reflect on their own leadership styles and consider leadership actions that can have a positive influence. Through a series of group challenges, the team were able to further analyse their leadership approaches.

This intense leadership day was just the beginning of the on-going leadership programme that will continue throughout the year.

Thank you to Mr Sarah, Mr McGuire-Barnes, Miss Brown (pre-service teacher) and Mrs Bigwood for organising the day.