Macleans College students win first prize in New Zealand Japanese Trivia Championships

Posted on July 03, 2019

Last month during International Languages Week two teams from Year 10 Japanese classes took part in the New Zealand Schools Japanese Trivia Championships initiated by the New Zealand Association of Japanese Language Teachers (NZAJLT) held at Liston College in Auckland.

Approximately 300 students located in eight different regions of New Zealand answered the quiz at the same time on the same day.

One of the Macleans College teams came 1st in the country and won the National Championships. The winning team members were Sue Jynn Leong (Rutherford House), Nancy Chen (Rutherford), Eri Okabe (Mansfield) and Regina (Upham).   The other Macleans College team of Jerry Zhou (Hillary), Angela Li (Mansfield), Andrew Yao (Upham) and Jessica Smith (Mansfield) placed 5th.

The event aimed to provide students with an opportunity to use their cultural knowledge for a real purpose together with other students of Japanese that they would not normally have an opportunity to mix with.

International Languages Week was celebrated with many activities inviting all students to watch Year 13 student Yoshino Igarashi (Mansfield House) demonstrate her Tea Ceremony skills to a IGCSE class. The Green Tea Ambassador visited and served premium tea to one hundred students with snacks. Green tea ice-cream was enjoyed by another one hundred students who were able to speak “I am fine today” in Japanese and a Hiragana Snap Competition was held with four winners being announced. 

Special thanks to Sasakawa Foundation who supported all the activities this year.